Sunny blue room with indoor tree house, orange hammock swing, vintage 1930s orange couch with mahogany arms, pair of mustard yellow 1940s armchairs, pair of round vintage folding tables, psychedelic artwork, reclaimed wood barn door
Upcycled Design for Your Workspace
Vintage purple archair, giant ottoman with granite base, pop art painting of orange couch and palm tree at UIC Study Area
Vintage green vase, vintage red plastic duck with yellow sweater and earmuffs, German Hummel figure of boy and abstract artpiece

Inspire your employees with an office facelift!

Eco-friendly Design for Imaginative Workplaces

We're scrappy, thrifty and inventive. We believe that re-designing your office space doesn't have to mean leaving a large footprint on this earth. We turn someone else's potential rubbish into one-of-a-kind works of art and office furnishings. How's that for imbuing your workspace with personality?


Eva Niewiadomski in the ASSH Creativity Room