About Our Studio

My name is Eva Niewiadomski and I was raised in a bilingual household where our Polish culture and crafts were infused throughout our home. I had a father who was incredibly creative even though he worked in small manufacturing shops throughout most of his life. He was an artist and artisan who could take what he learned in one discipline and apply it to another. If a tool didn't exist for a project he had in mind, he would make one. The basement and garage were filled with cool materials leftover from other people's projects, items thrown out by others who lacked the imagination to see how they could be re-purposed. Above all, there was a love of wood in all its forms - furniture, carved into sculptures, transformed into musical instruments. And of all folk crafts, whatever their country of origin.

All these influences must have seeped into my pores as before I knew it, I was creating environments filled with color, art, vintage furniture and ethnic handcrafts. It started with my home, then it was my cubicle, my office, the hallways at my corporate employer, an off-the-grid conference room at that same employer which morphed into the establishment of my own business, Catalyst Ranch, a creative meeting and event space in downtown Chicago. Then came the requests from meeting clients who wanted some of that Catalyst Ranch creative environment brought into their own workplaces, which was the birth of Catalyst Ranch Design almost 15 years ago.

Eva sitting in a hammock swing

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Our Philosophy

We don't believe in cookie cutter design. It's all about meeting with you, hearing what your company's mission is, how you like to work and what the current shortcomings are of your workplace.

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We live in a multi-cultural world so our designs reflect the unique personalities of your workforce. We make embracing diversity that much easier!

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We love to create unusual color palettes that will reflect your unique company personality.

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For each project, we identify a team of artists and artisans to execute the vision whether it's building a treehouse, painting a wall mural, creating glass tiles or sewing pillows.

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Adding touches that make your workplace feel like home is something we've been doing for years! Comfort and the ability to curl up and work someplace other than at your desk is something important to today's workers.

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Being raised in a home where everything old was better than something new - more solid craftsmanship, higher quality materials - and almost anything could be re-purposed, has translated into our attempts to save what you already have and give it a new life.

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We hunt down one-of-a-kind artwork and furnishings just for you! That's really what it's about - the joy of the hunt and scoring something we've never seen before and that no one else probably has either. It's what sets your office apart from anyone else's.

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It's important to give employees permission to play. Playing allows the creative juices to flow and brings forth new ideas. That's something we like to infuse into all of our work environments.

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