American Society for Surgery of the Hand  - Creativity Room Annex


Create an annex of the Creativity Room which was being used to capacity. The space needed to include a large dry-erase wall, a large screen TV, disparate seating areas for people to work individually, in small groups or as an entire team and there needed to be a "wow" component like the Tree House in the Creativity Room.


  • Long narrow room with only one window at the far end

  • 11 ft. ceilings

  • Half the walls exposed brick

  • Half the walls painted but with large electrical panels spaced out across the longest wall

  • Old elevator shaft at one end of the room with plywood floor and no lighting

  • Reclaimed wood floor

  • Existing industrial lighting in the main room


We started with the elevator shaft and decided that it was the perfect spot for the unique design element in the room. We created and built a multilevel cushioned platform upon which employees could recline and sit. To make the space cozier, we suspended an array of African textiles from the ceiling to create a tent effect and added artwork to the walls.

In the main room, we started by positioning the dry erase wall, working around the electrical panels which we covered with a large textile to form an neutral background for the TV. On on wall we attached a pegboard from which we suspended an array of toys and receptacles with toys.

The majority of the furniture was vintage with some new items purchased due to some very specific needs verbalized by the client. The majority of the artwork was sourced from vintage and resale shops along with the items on the floating shelves, which we constructed and installed. We also purchased artwork from local artists.

To encourage play, we hung a series of wine crates which had been transformed into artistic holders for a variety of musical instruments that employees could grab and make music.


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