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Design Process

Catalyst Ranch Design has a unique approach to the space designs we create for ourselves and our clients. Our process is a collaborative one. We design the overall plan and theme based on the client’s objectives for their workspace. Then we team up with a group of seasoned artists to provide art embellishments, select paint combinations which are applied by artisans and work with textile artists and custom wood workers to design one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Our signature design technique involves a unique blending of unusual, vibrant color combinations that create a sense of “play” coupled with ethnic art to reflect a feeling of inclusion balanced with vintage American furniture and furnishings to create a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity.

The result of the design is that it inspires creativity by tapping into a sense of freedom and wonder to ignite the imagination of those who work in this unique environment.

And, if you’re particularly interested in providing a green environment, then you’re working with the right Design Team. We hate to throw anything out if there’s any possible life left in it. We’ll embellish it, reupholster it, deconstruct it, turn it upside down, hang it on a wall, paint it or transform it into something new (and sometimes all of the above).

So what will you end up with? Hopefully, a space that is full of whimsy and charm and reflects the true spirit of your company – one which allows its employees to thrive and flourish and create.

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