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Eva Niewiadomski, Primo Designerino

Ranch Czarina, Bauble Belle, Energizer Bunny

Patterns and shapes and colors, oh my! I’ve always been enchanted and fascinated by other cultures and the incredible handcrafted items that are cleverly produced from local resources. Each year, as I traveled to some fantastical foreign land, I would somehow end up carting a fair amount of that country home with me. I had no choice but to incorporate all these diverse cultures into my home and get them to play together in harmony.

My father imbued in me a love of old, solidly built furniture. He had nothing but disdain for most modern furnishings. Junk, he said. Not real wood. It’ll break within a year. After hearing it enough, it had to rub off. Together we would refinish pieces and bring them back to a new life. And what miraculous transformations they would undergo.

Thus vintage furniture and ethnic artwork became an intrinsic aspect of my aesthetic. And visitors to my home would respond in a visceral way. There was something that resonated with them when they entered my home – they felt at home. No matter how many times they had visited, there was always more to see, something they hadn’t noticed before. Years of these reactions and comments finally led me to believe that I had created a unique style of design that others desired to emulate, but found it difficult to do so on their own.

And it translated to the work environment when I brought the same design sense to my office cubicle and the other spaces I created for my previous employer. Co-workers loved spending time at my desk. My administrative assistant would conduct tours while I was away at meetings. This all built up to the realization that maybe I actually had a distinctive talent, a way of designing unique environments that others enjoyed living and working in. And it translated into my new mission in life -- Catalyst Ranch Design.

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