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Designing a Small Conference Room

Client: Catalyst Ranch

Challenge: Create an office space for 3 employees and a small conference room which reflect the continuity of design from the remainder of Catalyst Ranch so that staff feel connected with the rest of the company. Rooms need to be soundproof to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Starting point: Typical white office with grey wall-to-wall carpeting and paper thin walls from which every word of every conversation could be overhead.

Timeline: 3 weeks

Results: On time, on target.

Design Elements: Functional, yet creative work spaces using ethnic and vintage furniture, inspiring artwork and a unique color scheme. Continuation of themes from the existing design of Catalyst Ranch.

Feedback: The three employees who work in the new office are thriving in their new environment (even though they miss the rest of us dearly) and the Samba Room is perfect for our client, vendor and staff meetings.

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