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Quaker Oats Creativity Room

Project: Quaker Oats “From storage room to creative showcase for creative marketing teams”

Challenge: Transform two atypical boring corporate hallways and an empty storage room into an area which would by its very design stimulate creative thinking for the marketing group. The empty storage room was a dreary, windowless area for paper and records.

Results: Eva created a plan, establishing a small budget and set about her first corporate design project. She chose color combinations which were outrageously stimulating and fun. Eva made thrift shop jaunts on her own time and picked up a whimsical couch which she trimmed in amusing feathery boas. She created her own art pieces utilizing old windows with smiling character peering out. A pristine vintage bar which was used as a supply storage place for the Convenience Food Division. An upside down garden camouflaged the common wallboard paneled ceiling, and a vintage table and chair became a fun place to come and create new ideas for Quaker products.

All work was completed in about 5 weeks in “Eva’s spare time”. This wing became a popular area for not only the Convenience Food Division, but other envious marketing and sales teams hungry for a stimulating environment.

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